Eric Saudi

New York, 25, Drawing and TextStatement 2014,

Artist Statement, 2014

1. Two tragedies, broken order, and the sudden rise of the minority. We lost our saints, marks and skins.

Two traditions, seeking comfort in the cool, oppressive rooms, swaying palms on heavy idols, with so many skins. Names written upon one another, deformed symbols. I know soon my own name will change, woman raped, and the sweat causing me to tear. 

(An interlude of whistling and dancing)

2. Stemming from the history of the Catholic faith and its role in suppressing the people of the Caribbean.  I saw in my own experience living in the Bronx the mutation of a minority’s identity, while our traditions were further cemented. These acts of worship and suppression is eluded, in short statements, long silences, low colors, abruptly broken patterns. Suppression is made to look beautiful and I selfishly want to sink my own limitations that I have placed in the work.

“Puerto Rico. My heart’s devotion- let it sink back in the ocean.” 

These simple but loaded shapes, the arch, the round rock, the square, are just blank enough. A blank object is never formless; we know this, it only lacks specialization, a signature. I crave spaces where a fingerprint can once more become the engraving on a tomb.